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Military hangars

Military hangars

Military hangars

ATILLA’s frame tent structures are in high demand as temporary hangars for military equipment maintenance and aircraft fleet.

Under certain conditions when it is impossible to build a traditional construction the best alternative is to erect temporary facilities on the basis of frame tent structures. No foundation or engagement of special equipment for their construction is required, the whole installation process takes from a few hours to a day or two.

Prefabricated frame tent shed made is made of stainless metal profile and welded PVC covering. That is why the frame tent hangar for military equipment is optimal for open air staging posts, even under adverse weather conditions.

The frame does not corrode nor looses its form, and tent coverage shape allows the precipitations flow down freely, preventing load the structure.

Such structures are classified as a temporary facility, but they have all the features and benefits of capital buildings. The entire process from design through to commissioning of the hangar can be accomplished in just a few days.

Frame tent structures for various applications are widely used as temporary facilities for military purposes.

Military hangars meet all the requirements for this type of sheds:

  • Tents are made of durable eco-friendly waterproof material;
  • Metal frame is fixed to the surface to withstand hurricane-force winds and heavy rain;
  • Tent material is inert to chemicals, water, UV light.

Tent structures can be equipped with all necessary household and storage systems, such as ventilation, heating and electricity.

Color of tent material corresponds to the traditional military shelter colors.

We can design special-purpose storages of various sizes in length, width, height, and different layouts.

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