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Summer pavilions for restaurants and bars

Summer pavilions for restaurants and bars

Summer pavilions for restaurants and bars

ATILLA company offers the owners of cafes and restaurants a wide range of frame tent constructions.

Tent pavilion is a construction with metal framework and tent fabric canopy, easy to assemble and disassemble. Numerous advantages of tents and awnings made them especially popular for partitioning the territory of outdoor cafes, restaurants, retail points of sales. Also, tents are often used for official and social outdoor events during the warm seasons - such as weddings, presentations, conferences, etc.

A canopy or a pavilion for a cafe allows expanding business by creating a mobile restaurant, working at open-air concert or in the park. Constant offering of your services will make a positive effect on the image of your company and enhance customer loyalty. Summer terrace cafes in parks and squares are especially popular: visitors have the opportunity to socialize and enjoy your services and, at the same time, to observe summer life of the city or enjoy the beauty of nature.

Summer pavilions are made of metal or aluminium profile framework, PVC roof and walls, glass and profile system.

Prefabricated metal frame of ATILLA’s constructions is protected from any corrosion processes and from influence of unfavourable weather conditions. Fastenings for mounting the frame to the installation site are provided.

Walls of the pavilions can be made different materials. Tent walls with transparent inserts are quick-detachable as a result of the use of a special profiled outline aluminum profiles. Sliding glass units will reliably protect the terrace both in warm and cold seasons.  

Floors can be of different price segments, from wood boards to lacquered floor batten, with collapsible podium or just on adjustable legs.

These constructions are distinguished not only by their design and the presence or absence of windows, lifting or sliding walls, but also by their "seasonal" variations, though some summer cafes can with good reason be called the winter cafes. Such tents are resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and their fabric is hard to tear without resorting to vandalism.

Today there are many configurations of the structures: summer cafes in the form of polyhedra, circus-type canopies and awnings. The design of the tent is made in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer. Imprinted advertising or logo will approve your image and accentuate your style. Extra advertising never harmed anyone.

ATILLA’s constructions for summer cafes have many other advantages: they do not fade in the sun, are UV-resistant, do not evolve any toxic substances and can be in use for many years.

Your direct benefits of the use of ATILLA’s frame tents:

  • Quick business solutions;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Reliability.
  • Adaption to any architectural form.

Tent constructions of ATILLA the company are highly reliable and will serve you for years without requiring any additional financial injections.

If you still are not able to choose a summer cafe among our standard constructions, our experts will develop an individual project, which will include all design features and specifications of your installation site.

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