Special purpose storages


Chemicals storages

Chemicals storages

Chemicals storages

Frame tent structures are widely used as temporary facilities for storage of chemicals.

Characteristics of shelter structures along with the lowest cost allowed to step away from the expensive time-consuming stationary construction. Special-purpose warehouses on the basis of frame tents are widely used in Europe, America, and now in Ukraine too.

The structure consists of two main components: stainless steel frame and woven tent PVC  covering. For erecting a tent warehouse only a hard flat surface is needed.

Adjustable frame securely fastened with anchor bolts, making the entire structure solid, immovable, resistant to impact or the weather conditions.

The tent material is inert to chemicals, water, UV light, high and low temperatures which allows to store chemicals, explosives, oil, petroleum products. Airtight fire-resistant and corrosion-proof tent provide high-quality 100% safety of flammable products and/or medical supplies.

Prefabricated industrial tent constructions provide for a number of obvious advantages:

  • Quick setup on any flat surface
  • Complete airtight protection of equipment and goods without additional costs for reinforcement
  • Savings on footing basement which is not required for storage tent
  • Fast permission obtaining process, because a tent warehouse is temporary structure
  • Opportunityto vary the form of structure at any time, re-size the construction and add segments
  • Ability to disassemble and relocate the storage to any convenient location
  • Possibility to place the structure even within the territory under which the service lines are laid
  • Fast and cost-effective repair if necessary

Hangar storages are equipped with wide gates, so they can be used for any kind of cargo vehicles. It can also be equipped with additional entrances.

And, most importantly, the lifespan of the tent covering manufactured by ATILLA company is more than 10 years without any damages, whether corrosion or mechanical deformation. 

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