ATILLA company is a pioneer of the Ukrainian market of tent constructions.

More than 80% of all tent constructions existing in the Ukrainian market where developed by designers of our company.
More than 80% of all tent constructions existing in the Ukrainian market where developed by designers of our company. Established in 1994, ATILLA specializes in production of industrial commercial, advertising and consumer constructions. It must be emphasized that during all the years of its existence, the company has developed intensively, increasing production volume and range of products. Our company constantly improves and upgrades technological effectiveness of products and services according to the changing needs of the market. 
In 2002 ATILLA became a member of the Global Association for Marketing at-Retail (POPAI) as a company whose working standards meet high European quality standards.
Through the years of development ATILLA has been repeatedly recognized as the industry leader.

ATILLA is a full-service manufacturing company that produces a broad range of serial and custom-made products of the highest quality and performs service maintenance in Central and Eastern Europe, mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

ATILLA has production and design capacities to turn out products POS materials, lightning components, awnings, umbrellas, mobile and permanent sheds of various degrees of complexity for advertising, retail and industrial applications.

All the products manufactured by ATILLA are certified and meet the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.
ATILLA has advanced production facilities enabling the company to fulfill the complete production cycle, be it metalwork, polymer coating, aluminium, plastics and glass processing or industrial fabrics processing, silkscreen printing or other printing methods. 

Being one of the headmost advertising production companies, ATILLA works closely with the largest companies from different business segments: Coca-Cola HBС, МТС, Carlsberg Group, AB InBev, OBOLON, UkrTelekom, McDonalds and many others. Operations of the company include project, commercial, maintenance and design services that provide for complete integrated solution to Client’s tasks.

Today, the major export objective of the company is supply of integrated industrial constructions of advertising, retail and industrial application, which has a great potential for further growth of the company.

ATILLA is mainly oriented to procurement of high-quality raw materials of the leading European manufacturers and renders services in search and delivery of goods and equipment from any point of the world according to individual demands of a Client.


ATILLA’s corporate culture is based on the highest skills and professionalism of the company team.

High-profile team of professionals directly forms considerable capabilities for the progress and dynamics of the company.