Industrial tent constructions

Prefabricated frame tent constructions for industrial sphere are a modern and revolutionary solution for a wide range of applications.7

Industrial sheds manufactured by ATILLA  are made of a heavy-duty metal or aluminum frame covered with industrial flexible PVC fabric. All used PVC materials are eco-friendly and fireproof. Wall material may be very versatile: PVC fabric, PVC mesh, sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, metal, glass, etc.

Prefabricated industrial tent constructions have a number of obvious advantages:

ATILLA company carries out the whole cycle of works on the construction of industrial tent structures from design to installation and commissioning.

The lifespan of the tent covering - more than 7 years without any damages, whether corrosion or mechanical deformation.

If at least one paragraph was related to your business – do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the optimal solution for selection and installation of prefabricated industrial tent constructions.