Promotional table

Promotional table

Promotional table

You need to host a large-scale event or hold a long-term promotional campaign, a presentation or exhibition, to cover a large flow of people, distribute a large number of promotional print collateral, gifts and prizes, organize reception area for processing papers for meeting guests and visitors?

All this is possible thanks to promotional table (reception) of ATILLA.

Promotional tables and promotional counters are selected by mobile operators for new subscribers, by banks - for the organization of credit registering points, insurance companies - to sell insurance policies, travel agencies – for selling vouchers. Promotional tables can be used for ticket sales, Internet service connection, as a reception counter in retail, sports centers, beauty salons, etc.

Our product is designed for long-term promotions or large scale activities. Promotional counters can be made as a fascia (topper) or without it. It can also be equipped with additional shelves, doors and product displays. 

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