Advertising constructions

Advertising constructions (POS materials) are an effective, bright and effective way of advertising, which is used to draw attention to the point of sale of a particular product.

The main task of POS materials is to interest a buyer, to draw his attention and as a result – to get more sales.

Manufacturing of POS materials is a complex and multiphase process that requires professionalism.

POS materials of ATILLA company are represented by but not lomoted to billboards, citylights, counters, dispensers, holders, shelf talkers, information boards, table and floor paper holders, plastic pockets, check boxes, kiosks, promotion tables, displays and more.

In manufacturing of advertising constructions such materials as aluminum, plastic, acryl, vinyl film, metal and chrome systems are used.

ATILLA company is a strong manufacturer of POS products with a reserve of production capacities that allows to perform long run orders.

Despite the fact that such products seem to be standard, our experience in manufacturing of POS materials will help to transform even the most ordinary sign plate into an effective advertising medium.