Other POS materials

Other POS materials

Other POS materials

POS materials are a powerful, bright and effective way of advertising, used to draw attention to the point of sale of certain goods. The main task of POS materials is to interested customers, to get their attention, and, as a result – to get more sales.

Production of POS-materials is a complex and multistage process that requires professionalism.

POS materials are dispensers, menu holders, price tag holders, lightboxes, floor stands, stands for products, holders, shelf talkers, information boards, leaflet holders and stands, plastic pockets, boxes for checks, coin plated, etc. 

Materials for POS advertising:

  • thick cardboard. It is used in case of short-term advertising (events, short-term offers, sales,etc.);
  • plastic and acrylic plastic. They are used to create a lightweight  and original designs, and can also serve as an element of a more large-scale construction;
  • aluminum and steel profiles are used for tough large structures with long-life service. Metal POS advertising materials are used in sales rooms, stores, shops and trade tents.

ATILLA is a major manufacturer of POS materials with a reserveof production facilities,which allows to carry out largeorders.

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