Billboard and citylight

Billboard and citylight

Billboard and citylight

Billboard is the most popular and the most standard form of outdoor advertising, as it affects not only on the traffic flow, but pedestrians also. Now in Ukraine the most popular dimensions of billboards are 3x6 m 3x12 m.

Citylight is a construction with internal illumination (thin light panel, which is mounted on its own stand) with the format of advertising filed 1.2 x 1.8 meters.

Modern design of this constructions is a bit higher than an average person, the advertising area is at the level of the human eye, which improves the quality of contact of images with consumers.

Posters printed on special paper serve as advertising material. They are printed on special luminal paper by double-sided printing method when image is applied to the poster on both sides in such a way that image colors become lush and vibrant.

This advertising media are usually installed in areas of intensive pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians are considered to be the primary audience of citylights.

Citylights (lightboxes) are the bright advertising lights of the metropolis. The advantage of this type of advertising media is that the image is at the level of human eye and brightly lit at night.

Lightbox effectively covers both the pedestrians audience and drivers, bored in traffic.

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