Countertop displays can be widely different - from simple trays with branded label to beautiful single unit custom displays.

These displays can be equipped with LED-backlit text, images or elements of the image, thereby increasing the susceptibility of the buyer and brand penetration. Countertop displays are usually small and compact. Most often they perform the role of presentation, showing the products in the most advantageous light.

Showcase displays are designed to group the products of impulse demand and bring them to the attention of the consumer. It is possible to make fixtures for price tags and to use of blisters for accommodation of small items such as chewing gum, condoms, batteries, etc.

Dynamic showcase displays have a larger advertising effectiveness of changing images in comparison with the static images. Lighting is made with point light sources (LED). ATILLA designs and manufactures customized displays according to your requirements to goods presentation.

Advertising constructions