Information stand, shelf

Information stand, shelf

Information stand, shelf

Stands and shelves for printed materials are the best solution when placement and frequent replacement of information is necessary

These constructions are lightweight, simple, low cost, with possibility of placing information of any kind.

Along with other types of advertising media information stands have small dimensions and they can be used in almost any room.

The most common places to install and use such structures are showrooms, exhibitions, banks. Information desk can have many designs.

Since this kind of products is custom-made it can be of almost any size and have any number of pockets for placements of printed materials.

In case if you need to place a large amount of information the stand can be equipped with additional trays.

The construction is designed for the maximum ease of accessibility to the user and for comfortable reading of information.

A variety of modern materials can be used for manufacturing information stands: aluminum, various plastics, acryl, vinyl films, metal, chrome systems, etc.

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