Aluminium constructions

Tent structures with aluminium frames by Walter (Losberger Франция) are highest-quality premium-look multifunctional structures with a considerable life-span.

They are indispensable for holding events such as weddings, concerts, conferences, corporate celebrations and other memorable events.

We offer aluminium frame systems with PVS tent covering manufactured by Walter (Losberger Франция) as temporary constructions, providing for multiple assembling and disassembling, transportation and long-term storage. The assortment includes such structures as tents, sheds and pavilions in widths from 2 to 50m, with side heights varying from 2 to 10m. The structures have a variety of roof shapes – Chinese canopy, traditional pitched roof, polygonal, arched, and original innovative Energie designs.

Our products can be customized with a wide selection of  optional accessories: floors, decorative curtains, different types of cladding, doors, gutters, etc.