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Production premises and exhibition spaces

Production premises and exhibition spaces

Production premises and exhibition spaces

Frame tent constructions as production premises  are an innovative solution for contemporary business.

Production premises and exhibition spaces by ATILLA allow to minimize the construction costs  and maintenance of the premises, provide an opportunity to dismantle the building at any time and perform installation in other location, ensure protection of equipment and products from adverse environmental loads.

Prefabricated construction by ATILLA are ideal for organizing a production facility on the leased area or quickly increase production capacity when financial resources for capital development are not enough.

 Advantages of temporary buildings:

  • Frame tent structures do not require a special permit for installation;
  • Can be installed on asphalt flooring - do not require a special foundation;
  • Assembly / disassembly can be performed within the shortest possible period of time.


Tents for production premises and exhibition spaces are made of a woven fabric coated with several layers of PVC and Teflon coatings, which make the material inert to chemicals, water, UV light, high and low temperatures. Special processing of PVC fabric makes tent flame retardant and blocking the spread of flame when ignited. Wall materials can be very versatile: PVC fabric, PVC mesh, sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, metal or glass. High strength tent covering provides for pressure integrity.

ATILLA’s frame tent constructions are extremely stable.

The buildings can be equipped with:

  • Ventilation system and air conditioning;
  • Any number of windows, doors, hatches, stares and more.

You can order customized solutions adapted to your requirements completed with additional equipment.

ATILLA will design for you a construction of required length and shape, as well as implement any color design of the tent coverage.

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