Storage hangars


Storage hangars



Using a prefabricated frame tent constructions of ATILLA provide for quick and cost-effective erection of storage facilities of any type and level, from temporary "cold" to the permanent "warm" high-end storage systems.

Prefabricated storage hangar is a metal frame with hermetically welded PVC tent.

All materials used in production of the metal frame supporting elements, as well as jointing units, are heavy-duty and wear-resistant because they are prefabricated.

It is important to note that the metal is coated with a special polymer coating that prevents corrosion under the influence of environmental factors. A single-layer frame tent hangar can be used as "cold" storage; for the "warm" storage the inner tent is to be installed to serve as insulation. The coating material may be either translucent or sunlight-blocking.

A weighty argument to the benefit of frame tent structures is that tent is made of a woven fabric coated with several layers of PVC and Teflon coatings, which make the material inert to chemicals, water, UV light, high and low temperatures. Special processing of PVC fabric makes tent flame retardant and blocking the spread of flame when ignited.

Tent storage sheds can be designed in several varieties of forms:

Hangars with rounded capped roof. Hangars with high vertical walls and rounded corner joints of the roof and walls. The most effective way to solve the problems of large unsupported spaces. Maximum span is 40 meters .

Hangars with capped roof. Traditional form of construction with vertical walls and a capped roof. Warehousing solution that can have a number of pillars in the center and a very great height on the wall. 

Hangars with arched roof. These are the constructions with vertical walls, and their roof forms a semi-circular arch. This is the most common solution if there are limits on the height of the structure. Maximum span reaches 25 meters.

Maximum span in unsupported version - 30 meters, with single pole - up to 60 meters.

We can design the warehousing construction of the required length and shape, which can be ordered in a variety of colors. ATILLA designs hangars that meet all your personal needs.

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