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Equipment shelters

Equipment shelters

Equipment shelters

Frame tent equipment shelters are temporary prefabricated constructions made of steel frame and covered with specialized PVC fabric.

Frame tents can come in a variety of sizes and shapes and be used for storage of:

• industrial, automotive, engineering equipment

• commercial products for wholesale and retail trade

• agricultural products, fertilizers

• building materials and equipment

• goods, semi-finished products, packaging materials.

It is important to note that keeping cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in tent hangars protects them from snow, rain and sand and helps to extend their lifespan. Maintenance and repair of the equipment can always be performed in the hangar, regardless of weather conditions and time of day

Equipment shelters with clear wall elements have an additional demonstrational function and can be used as a cover for a parking facility for your vehicle fleet and to protect from the weather and the human factor.
Being formally a temporary building, frame tent storage shed has the lifespan of more than 10 years.

ATILLA will design for you a construction of required length and shape to shelter your equipment, as well as implement any color design of the tent coverage in accordance with your wishes. 

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