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Summer cafe and pavilions

Summer cafe and pavilions

Summer cafe and pavilions

ATILLA offers the owners of cafes and restaurants a wide range of frame tent constructions with different dimensions and roof shapes. Imprinted advertising or logo will approve your image and accentuate your style.

Open-air cafes, developed and manufactured by ATILLA can be used in all spheres of business activity.

If you still are not able to choose a summer cafe among our standard constructions, our experts will develop an individual project, which will include all design features and specifications of your installation site.

Summer cafe constructions are made of metal profile frame and tent fabric, developed for textile architecture purposes, which is used to create the desired shape of the canopy and form the walls. Profile is made of aluminum or steel.

Prefabricated metal frame is protected from corrosion and from corrosive effects of the environment, high humidity and other influences of unfavourable weather conditions.

Details and components of the framework are manufactured of thin-wall steel pipes of circular and rectangular cross-section. Original fasteners are used for joining together the assembly parts. Fastenings for mounting the frame to the installation site are provided.

Walls of the pavilions are quick-detachable as a result of the use of a special profiled outline aluminum profiles.

Bright and original design of our summer pavilions sets them apart in a series of usual points of sales and helps to attract customers.

We use modern methods, techniques and advanced software to quickly develop even complex tent constructions in the shortest time possible.

Standard designs have a pitch distance of 2.5m and minimum length of 5m.

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