Sports halls


Football fields covers

Football fields covers

Football fields covers


Frame tent constructions for football fields presented by ATILLA company guarantee constant comfort and safety for the sportspeople due to application of modern technologies and a large selection of high quality materials.

In addition, the frame tent structures have proven themselves as stable, wind- and water-resistant constructions, which is very important for this type of projects.

A weighty argument to the benefit of frame tent structures is that the building can be of any size and shape and the speed of construction exceeds significantly the timing of traditional building. It must be noted that ATILLA uses only environmentally-friendly materials that do not produce odor and/or any toxic substances and are inert to chemicals, water, UV light, which is essential for sports halls.

Prefabricated modular tent structures are especially opportune as sports facilities.

Frame tent buildings can also be used as sports halls for:

  • Indoor volleyball, basketball, floorball, handball, badminton
  • Covers for private and public swimming pools
  • Tennis courts and football fields
  • Sports complexes, stadiums, racetracks, horse riding schools
  • Ice rinks, the covering for the stadium stands and much more ...

If necessary, the sports facility can be equipped with temperature control systems, electrical network, ventilation, doors and openings in any quantity.

We would like to note that the cost of designing a sports complex is included in the cost of production. Standard models are available with wall height of 3m, span of 18 m, 36 m, or any other size with a step of 5m.

Individual approach allows ATILLA company to actualize the clients’ wishes.

Tent constructions for sports facilities