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ATILLA’s frame tent structures can not only cover and protect the pool, but also to establish a real bathing area. Pavilions and coverings for swimming pools can extend the use of the outdoor pool and allow swimming in every kind of weather.

Good pool is worth a quality cover.

Also, by covering the pool you will have an opportunity to save costs and time for its maintenance, as it helps to protect the pool from dust and dirt, and you will be able to start the swimming season earlier and end it later. Coverings for pools can neutralize the risk of damage to the pool in the autumn-winter period.

The height of the construction allows making the best use of the interior space, and vice versa, the lower design variation naturally melts into the background and does not violate the general landscape.

Sports centre built from the frame tent structures, unlike buildings with special foundation, can be erected within the shortest possible period of time, in any place.

Every sport construction is built on the basis of a tent hangar. Tent hangar consists of  rigid  metal frame, erected in accordance with the calculation of wind and snow loads, and a PVC fabric tent which is, in its turn, multifunctional.

Reinforced tent material has several advantages: does not support combustion, frost-proof (up to -50° C), water-proof, incorrodible, etc. In addition, the material allows a great amount of sunlight (up to 70%) which helps to create a favorable climate, heating the premises in winter, substantially reducing energy cost.

Due to the diversity of tent forms (arched, capped, canopy) a wide range of usage of tent structures for sports facilities and swimming pools is possible.

Frame tent structures for swimming pools are a new word in temporary construction industry. 

Tent constructions for sports facilities