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Horse riding arenas

Horse riding arenas

Frame tent structures are an ideal solution for high-end segment of sports facilities such as horse arenas and race tracks. The modular frame tent structures will allow year-round use of your riding arena for competitions or dressage.

Modular sports centre built from the frame tent structures, unlike buildings with special foundation, can be erected within the shortest possible period of time, in any place.

Standard tent riding hall for hippotherapy  is a metal structure covered with reinforced fabric tent. The size on the perimeter of the floor is from 20 to 40 meters.

Reinforced tent material has several advantages: does not support combustion, frost-proof (up to -50° C), water-proof, incorrodible, etc. In addition, the material allows a great amount of sunlight (up to 70%) which helps to create a favorable climate, heating the premises in winter, substantially reducing energy cost.

Individual approach allows ATILLA company to actualize the clients’ wishes. 

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