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Tennis court covers

Tennis court covers

Tennis court covers

Frame tent structures for sports facilities are a new word in temporary construction industry. This type of temporary modular buildings is particularly well suited for covered tennis courts, tennis tournaments and other indoor sports.

Construction of tennis courts by ATILLA is performed at the highest level due to modern technologies and a large selection of high quality materials, which provides comfort and safety for the athletes and for the audience. Our company offers a wide range of services for the construction and equipping the sports fields for various purposes.

Standard models are available with wall height of 3m, span of 18 m, 36 m, or any individual size with a step of 5m.

Prefabricated frame tent buildings can also be used as sports halls for:

  • Indoor volleyball, basketball, floorball, handball, badminton
  • Covers for private and public swimming pools
  • Tenniscourts and footballfields
  • Sports complexes, stadiums, racetracks, horse riding schools
  • Ice rinks, the covering for the stadium stands and much more ...

If necessary, the sports facility can be equipped with temperature control systems, electrical network, ventilation, doors and openings in any quantity.

For further information on covers for tennis courts please contact ATILLA company to get a professional advice and answers to other questions. 

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