Aircraft hangars


Aircraft parking stand covers

Aircraft parking stand covers

Aircraft parking stand covers

Protect your aircraft from unfavourable weather conditions and be sure in its safety. Prefabricated frame tent hangars for aircraft are a decision highly valued by the world and the decision you will appreciate.

Characteristics of the aircraft hangars:

Prefabricated frame of the hangar is made of stainless metal profile. Special polymer coating provides for additional strength and improved impact resistance of the frame. It is 100% protected from any metal corrosion processes.

Tent cover is made of modern polymeric material which is resistant to heat, cold, wind, water, UV rays and bacterial destruction.

Tent cover is securely fastened to the metal frame with cables, straps, cringles, belts and cords.

Hangar is equipped with wide gates for free entry of the aircraft, so it can be used for any kind of air transport, as well as additional terminals at the airports.

Frame tent structures presented by ATILLA are compact, stable hangars that can be erected in the shortest possible time to ensure optimal conditions and safety for private aircraft fleet. 

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