Aircraft hangars


Repair hangars for business aviation and utility aircraft

Repair sheds

Repair sheds

Hangar complexes for business aviation are the large-scale framework structure with additional modules for repair and maintenance of business and utility aircraft, with the possibility of increasing the area, transforming the hangar.

Tent cover is made of modern polymeric material which is resistant to heat, cold, wind, water, UV rays and bacterial destruction.

Prefabricated frame of the hangar is made of stainless metal profile. Special polymer coating provides for additional strength and improved impact resistance of the frame. It is 100% protected from any metal corrosion processes.

Tent cover is securely fastened to the metal frame with cables, straps, cringles, belts and cords. Tent material is windproof and waterproof; stable metal frame withstands any wind, ice storms and other unfavourable weather conditions.

Tent covering of the repair sheds eliminates vibration and provides structural stability of the construction even under conditions of subzero temperature. Tent is fireproof, does not change its protective qualities under the influence of rapid temperature changes and high temperatures.

Hangars recommended by ATILLA are equipped with wide gates for free entry of the aircraft, so they can be used for any kind of air transport, as well as additional terminals at the airports.

The absolute advantage of the hangars for business and utility aircraft is their main quality - lowest cost of the frame tent structure and speed of construction. 

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