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Vegetable storage facilities

Vegetable storage facilities

Vegetable storage facilities

Frame tent vegetable storages are versatile, compact, high-capacity and reliable structures for storing vegetables. ATILLA company provides design and construction services of frame tent vegetable storages.

Standard single-layer tent construction of a vegetable storage consists of a metal frame with bolted joints and tent cover made of eco-friendly PVC. It can be adjusted to the necessity to maintain the internal temperature and climate. Thermal insulation is achieved through a two-layer tent covering, creating an air space between them.

Tent fabric is environmentally stable, 100% moisture proof, inert to UV light and other weather conditions. Tent vegetable storages can provide for the natural lighting or be totally lightproof. Special coating of PVC fabric makes tent flame retardant and blocking the spread of flame when ignited.

Frameless vegetable storage will cost two times cheaper than frame hangar, and four times cheaper than a capital building. This is a substantial saving!


At your request vegetable storage can be equipped according to its purpose with:

  • Automatic ventilation system with moisture and temperature sensors;
  • Ventilation system and air conditioning;
  • Specialized gear for loading and unloading of grain (conveyors, blower loaders, self-feeders, slide valves, etc.);
  • Any number of gates, doors, hatches, staircases and more.

Our storages are designed for sorting, loading and drying, storage and unloading, monitoring the condition of certain vegetables and provide all the requirements for their storage.

We design various vegetable storages of any required length and shape, as well as implement any color design of the tent coverage depending on your preferences and needs. 

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