Agricultural hangars





Frame tent granaries are specialized facilities for careful storage of grain and other crops. Granary is a large tank or facility with constantly maintained conditions necessary for long-term storage of grain. That is why major attention in the process of building a granary is paid to the quality of ventilation.

The structure has a metal frame with bolted joints and tent cover made of eco-friendly PVC fabric. The coating material is resistant to adverse external influences. 

And, most importantly, this structure has more than 10 years of service life!

Using a tent hangar in your business helps maximizing the profit from the investment in construction.

Granary hangar can be equipped with:

1. System of automatic ventilation and warm air tap which provides 100% protection from moisture, direct sunlight, wind and other weather conditions.

2. Two gates on both sides and the front door.

Not the least of the factors is that the hangar has increased rates of fire safety. Tent hangar provides natural light during the day, at the same time without conducting ultraviolet rays. For operation at night the hangar can be equipped with lighting systems.

Evaluate the advantages and convenience of tent hangars now, and become competitive tomorrow.

Substantial capacity because of unsupported base makes the hangar versatile and quickly adaptable due to the change of its function.

Also the hangar can be increased in length and/or moved to another location. Additionally the granary can be equipped with active ventilation system and any number of gates, doors, hatches, ladders, etc.

Along with the additional equipment you can order a granary of individual form. ATILLA will design for you a construction of required length and shape, as well as implement any color design of the tent coverage.

At your request, tent structures can be transformed into the real hangar complex.

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