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Mobile health centers

Mobile health centers

Mobile health centers

ATILLA company offers modular medical centers constructed and mounted on a base frame tent structures of European quality: emergency medical care centers, first-aid and obstetrical stations, modular mobile blood transfusion centers, winter warming centers.

Frame tents health and first-aid centers are stable framework constructions with interchangeable wall elements. The apparent advantage of such structures is the ability of rapid installation. Rapid construction coupled with mobility are the main advantages of tent medical centers. The building can be easily installed without foundation and welding, and if necessary, collapsible frame can be quickly dismantled and reinstalled in a new location. Besides, the construction is compact enough while disassembled, which simplifies transportation and storage.

Modern prefabricated buildings of a health and first-aid center can be installed on almost any surface: on concrete slabs, crushed rock road or directly on the ground.

Details and components of the framework are manufactured of thin-wall steel pipes of circular and rectangular cross-section. Various variants of insulation provide for health centers operation indifferent climatic conditions.

Modern structures for health centers made of polymer-coated aluminum profiles are widely used to provide immediate medical care in war and peace time, after natural disasters and in emergency situations.

Our company can design and build a modular mobile health facility of any functional complexity.

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