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Exhibition pavilions

Exhibition pavilions

Exhibition pavilions

Exhibition pavilion is a frame tent construction with a metal framework, and walls and roof made ​​of PVC fabric. The main purpose of the pavilion or canopy is creating the best conditions for organization and holding of exhibitions, festivals, fairs, corporate events.

Rapid construction coupled with the mobility are the main advantages of trade and exhibition tent pavilions and canopies. The construction can be easily installed without foundation and welding, and if necessary, prefabricated frame can be quickly dismantled and installed a new location.

Besides, the construction is compact enough while disassembled, which simplifies transportation and storage.

ATILLA provides integrated design of commercial interiors, taking into account such factors as corporate identity of the customer, location of the object, its size, individual characteristics of the premises, and so on. At customer’s request the pavilions can be equipped with shelving units, storage stands and advertising equipment (lightboxes, displays and other POS-materials).

Tent roof is made of reinforced PVC material and is a perfect large-scale advertising space. Images can be applied by full color printing. Inserts of transparent PVC film on top of the roof are the additional source of light in the daytime.

Another major benefit of tent trade pavilion is its cost and the ability to considerably save on maintenance. Roof made of special translucent tent material eliminates the necessity for artificial lighting.

The popularity of trade and exhibition tent pavilions is largely determined by bright and original design that sets them apart in a series of usual points of sales. Color style of a pavilion directly depends on the choice of color combinations and the tent material - PVC fabric.

Walls and roof of the exhibition pavilion can be used for printed advertising of your company or your sponsors and partners.

The price for manufacturing the trade and exhibition pavilion or canopy is calculated individually for each project and depends on many factors, including the complexity of the design, installation conditions, special requirements of the customer, types of materials used, etc.

Walls of the pavilions are made of coated aluminum profile with transparent (glass) or opaque (sandwich panel or plastic siding) inserts.

Opaque inserts in wall panels can become the additional advertising space. Image application method: multicolor silk screen printing.

Doors of the pavilion can be single or double, made of aluminum frame with protective coating, with transparent and/or opaque inserts. Doors are equipped with locks, door closers, door handles (with a latch or not).

Details and components of the framework are manufactured of thin-wall steel pipes of circular and rectangular cross-section. Original fasteners are used for joining together the assembly parts.Fastenings for mounting the frame to the installation site are provided.

Walls of the pavilions are quick-detachable as a result of the use of a special profiled outline aluminum profiles. Tents are made of reinforced PVC. The kit may include light advertising media: lightbox and draperies for the front walls.

Exhibition and trade pavilions developed and manufactured by ATILLA company are designed for use in all areas of business activity.

Thanks to ingenious design solutions our pavilions stand out from the usual points of sales  and help to attract potential customers. The ease and simplicity of use, portability and a large advertising space for imprinting the corporate graphics make this product one of the most effective tools of the trade marketing.

Some models suggest the use of industrial refrigerators for storing goods and at customer’s request can be equipped with metal racks, shelves, light advertising equipment, etc.

Application of modern technologies and materials allows to implement any individual project.

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