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Military shelters and camp solutions

Military shelters and camp solutions

Military shelters and camp solutions

Frame tent structures for various applications are widely used as temporary facilities for military purposes.

ATILLA’s prefabricated tent modular structures are indispensible as warehouses, auxiliary maintenance buildings, sheds for field training exercises and operations. Even in difficult climatic patters tent shelters effectively protect equipment, provisions, weapons, chemicals and personnel.

Prefabricated frame tent structures are indispensible both under the conditions of frequent relocations and permanent camps.

Military field shelters are highly competitive with ordinary constructions in their reliability and performance. Equipping the hangar with doors, entrance and exit gates, fire alarm system, climate control and electricity, you will get a high-end warehouse at minimum cost. Frame tent shelters and warehouses have proven themselves as stable, wind-and water-proof construction.

Tents are the best solution in humanitarian emergencies like natural disasters as temporary shelters, warehouses for humanitarian missions, utility premises in fields. Military tents can also serve as living quarters for the troops in warm seasons.

Our company will design and setup a military field shelter of any desired shape and size.

Please contact our experts to get detailed advice on the construction of frame tent structures.

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