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Hangars for motor vehicles

Hangars for motor vehicles

Hangars for motor vehicles

Installation of frame tent structures manufactured by ATILLA is highly cost-effective and does not require additional expenditures and approvals.

One of the important benefits of ATILLA’s tent structures for motor vehicle storage hangars is fire resistance of the tent material. Modern high-strength PVC fabric is not subject to deformation or destruction, no maintenance or replacement needed for more than a decade. The metal frame is securely bolt-connected, so the whole structure has a highly stable and resistant to mechanical damage (accidental hit by a car, etc.).

Frame tent structures provide more benefits to the owner:

  • Design of ATILLA’s hangars allows to organize a capacious space for cars and other vehicles;
  • Protects the vehicles from overheating, dirt and color fading in direct sunlight;
  • Securely covers vehicles from the adverse weather events;
  • Firmly and securely fastened to the ground without pouring the foundation;
  • Allow soft diffused light into the premises, saving on lighting in the daytime.

Collapsible frame of the hangars for vehicles is made of metal with anti-corrosive polymer coating. Frame tent structures meet all the abovementioned requirements and have been successfully applied for construction of any type of hangars

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