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Automobile service stations

Automobile service stations

Automobile service stations

Prefabricated frame tent constructions of ATILLA provide for quick and cost-effective erection of modular buildings of any type and level, from temporary "cold" to the permanent "warm" high-end auto service stations.

Car service stations often use tent sheds because it is a cost-effective, secure and mobile way to quickly increase the service area for the vehicles.

Prefabricated frame of the hangar is made of stainless metal profile and welded PVC covering. All details and joints of the framework are pre-fabricated, high-duty and wear-resistant.

A weighty argument to the benefit of frame tent structures is that tent is made of a woven fabric coated with several layers of PVC and Teflon coatings, which make the material inert to chemicals, water, UV light, high and low temperatures. Special processing of PVC fabric makes tent flame retardant and blocking the spread of flame when ignited.

Construction of the service station is reduced to the construction and installation of steel frame with tent cover, and adding various walling (tent walls, sandwich panels, windows, doors, gates).

We will design for you a construction of required length and shape, as well as implement any color design of the tent coverage.

ATILLA designs hangars that meet all your personal requirements. 

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