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Car wash facilities

Car wash facilities

Car wash facilities

Frame tent car wash manufactured by ATILLA is a modern structure designed to meet the architectural requirements of the urban environment.

Prefabricated frame of the hangar is made of stainless metal profile. Special polymer coating provides for additional strength and improved impact resistance of the frame. It is 100% protected from any metal corrosion processes.

Tent cover is made of modern polymeric material which is resistant to heat, cold, wind, water, UV rays and bacterial destruction. Modern look and eco-friendliness of the fabric meets all the special requirements and allow to accommodate the car wash virtually anywhere in the city.

ATILLA offers frame tents for the construction of lightweight aluminum structures for Hand car wash facilities, automated portal and tunnel washes, as well as for the posts of various services such as oil change, tire fitting and tinting coating.

Collapsible prefabricated design of a car wash allows to achieve mobility.

The perimeter of the building can be either open - for example, for tire fitting facilities and self-service car washes, or closed - to preserve the climate in the room – for a car wash, oil changing, etc. Technological and auxiliary facilities can be both built-in and/or adjacent to the building.

Mobile car wash manufactured by ATILLA is a unique opportunity to discover or improve your profitable business!

Our company will design and build hangar of any desired shape and size.

Please contact our experts to get detailed advice. 

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