Motor vehicle and parking sheds


Parking lot sheds

Parking lot sheds

Parking lot sheds

It is well-known that demands and requirements to motor vehicle parking stands and parking lots, either private or public, are higher in many ways. They should be frost resistant, prevent overheating of the vehicles, protect from rain and wind gusts and should have stable structure and roof.

Frame tent sheds by ATILLA meet all the above requirements and have been successfully used for the organization of parking lots and parkings of any type.

Construction of a frame tent parking does not require a long process of obtaining a building permit. This parking lot is classified as a temporary facility, but has all the features and benefits of a permanent building. The entire process from design through to commissioning of a parking takes only a few days.

Parking frame tents can be designed in two variants:

  • Detached single parking. Single isolated parking lot outside one’s house, office or private enterprise.
  • Public parking. Commercial collective parking for cars near shopping centers, apartment complexes, business centers, sports centers, etc.

One of the important benefits of ATILLA’s tent structures for parking lots is fire resistance of the tent material. Modern high-strength PVC fabric is not subject to deformation or destruction, no maintenance or replacement needed for more than a decade.

Tent parking sheds are much cheaper in construction and in maintenance in comparison with fixed structures for parking lots. However, the durability and stability of the construction is as good as that of buildings with solid foundation. The metal frame is securely bolt-connected, so the whole structure has a high impact resistance to mechanical damage (accidental hit by a car, etc.).

In addition, in case if you need to repair a segment of the structure it can be simply and quickly replaced by a new element without stopping the operational process.

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