Livestock breeding complexes





Livestock frame tent complex by ATILLA company is a technologically new solution that is comparable to and in many ways better than traditional barns for livestock.

Frame tent constructions on the basis of pre-fabricated hangars are designed for all-the-year-round housing of the livestock.
Free internal space of the complex allows to zone the interior and to quickly rearrange zones depending on current needs.

Quantity of milk yield depends on the level of illumination. Frame tent structures used as a basis for cowshed construction provide a unique environment, which not only provides a brighter lighting, but also better ventilation for more comfortable and 'healthy' housing of cows. A higher level of herd health, higher yields, longer milking, lower operation costs and building maintenance costs - all this increases revenue.

Tent covering of a livestock hangar made of eco-friendly fabric protects the occupants from the weather: rain, snow, wind, thus preventing the formation of indoor mold and mildew, even in damp conditions.

Tent cover made of certified European materials is not only resistant to temperatures from -30°C to +70°C, it is not destroyed by constant exposure to direct sunlight and does not produce any toxic substances when heated.

Eco-friendly materials are the key to clean air inside of the hangar and health of livestock. 

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