Livestock breeding complexes


Poultry farms

Poultry farms

Poultry farms

ATILLA company has developed a large number of standard designs of poultry-houses and poultry farms taking into account the requirements of all of the latest technologies and standards.

Taking care of the conveniences for the farmer and at the same time not forgetting to create   favorable conditions for the poultry, we have developed facilities for keeping the poultry, meeting all quality standards - to ensure the complete satisfaction of the farmer, who now wants to get a quality product at a reasonable price.

Our experts will design the best solution of the framework for the future poultry farm taking into account the climatic region of the construction.

As a result of this work, you get an ultra-modern poultry farm, with advanced and innovative approaches to construction, with the best and highest-quality frame tent structures that allow to perform the construction of poultry farm in all seasons and in any weather conditions.

Only a tent complex can provide 100% natural daylight of high intensity with completely closed gates, both in summer and in winter. It beneficially affects the livestock, and also saves money on lighting.

Versatility of tent complexes makes it easy to transform a winter hangar into summer hangar.

We offer you to get acquainted with our standard solutions for livestock breeding complexes. At the same time we can also design and produce for you a non-standard, individual frame tent complex. 

Industrial tent constructions