Livestock breeding complexes





Offering you our frame tents livestock breeding complexes we rely on the technology of western producers and on its successful operation in the household of the leading international and national farmers.

Construction of a sheepfold has design features that must be considered to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the production.

First of all, the building for keeping the sheep should better be one-storied.Dimensions of the sheepfold will depend on groups of sheep, the system of their housing, the degree of farming mechanization. Different groups of sheep should be held in a different partition. Each group should be provided with their own micro-climate conditions (temperature and humidity). Keeping of rearers needs additional insulation or heating facilities, as well as installation of additional ventilation. For keeping the sheep in comfort climatic conditions the sheepfold spacious, dry, with good air circulation, but without drafts.

All these aspects can covered with frame tent hangars produced by ATILLA company.Cattle sheds made of eco-friendly fabric protects the livestock from the weather conditions - rain, snow or wind.

We can also design and produce for you a non-standard, individual frame tent sheepshed and livestock breeding complex. 

Industrial tent constructions