Livestock breeding complexes


Summer and winter piggeries

Summer and winter piggeries

Summer and winter piggeries

Livestock frame tent complex by ATILLA company is a technologically new solution that is comparable to and in many ways better than traditional barns for livestock.

Only a tent complex can provide 100% natural daylight of high intensity with completely closed gates, both in summer and in winter. It beneficially affects the livestock, and also saves money on lighting.

Versatility of tent complexes makes it easy to transform a winter hangar into summer hangar. In winter it protects your livestock from adverse weather conditions, and in the summer - from insects and parasites (gadflies, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, etc.).

Tent cover made of certified European materials is not only resistant to temperatures from -30°C to +70°C, it is not destroyed by constant exposure to direct sunlight and does not produce any toxic substances when heated.

Tent covering of a livestock hangar made of eco-friendly fabric protects the occupants from the weather: rain, snow, wind, thus preventing the formation of indoor mold and mildew, even in damp conditions.

Advantages of piggeries built on ATILLA’s technologies are: sufficient natural lighting, large inner space and better ventilation. All this creates optimal conditions for growing pigs, contributing to their good growth and health.

This results in increase of weight gain of the livestock and improves eating qualities of the meat. 

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